The Bandit's Inn

The Bandit’s Inn

UI/UX & WordPress

“The Bandit’s Inn” is a hypothetical ‘nerd bar’ whose site I created in my spare time to give myself some more practical experience in creating sites using a user-centric approach. I broke down the process into 5 steps – Concept, Research, Wireframes, Mockups, and Prototype. Each step has its own page, detailing my progress.

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The BookShelf Bookstore

The BookShelf Bookstore


In my mind, “The Book Shelf” is the website for a small local bookshop who wants to be involved with their community and provide a space for people to relax and kick-back. I included pages such as weekly book-club events and the “Children’s/Teen’s Shelf” to show how they would encourage community interaction.

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Jules Cheret - Father of the Modern Poster

Jules Cheret: Father of the Modern Poster

JQuery & Responsive

Jules Cheret is one of my favorite illustrator/designers. His work is so bright, colorful, and playful, and it always brings a smile to my face. This site was done as a project to study Javascript and JQuery. I have also put in some effort to ensure that the site is completely responsive.

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One-Page Javascript Practice

One-Page Javascript Practice

Here you’ll find some “One-Page Practice” projects. These are a bit simpler than the ones above, but that’s because they’re specifically for focusing on one thing or another (Bootstrap, JQuery, etc.)

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